Introducing Wàwàtesì

A cultural preservation & community well-being transportation strategy for the downtown Bancroft portion of the Hastings Heritage Trail, designed to promote recreation, economic prosperity, cultural tourism, and healthier, safer living for all people.

Increasing usability with solar lighting.

Wàwàtesì is creating a brighter, safer path through the core of Bancroft from Millennium Park to Bridge Street. The Municipal Office, North Hastings Heritage Museum, North Hastings Children's Services, Riverside Chateau Seniors Center & many local businesses lie directly along the trail, with many more just moments away.

Original artwork by Sherry Crawford

Artwork to be featured along the trail was created by Algonquin artist Sherry Crawford to represent the Seven Grandfather Teachings.These teachings, passed down through generations, emphasize the importance of living a balanced, harmonious life and form the core of the Algonquin People's spiritual and ethical beliefs.

A safer multi-use trail experience.

Wàwàtesì aims to create a safer trail experience and promote healthy, active living, by encouraging a spirit of cooperation & shared well-being.

Safety first.

Learn how to share this scenic area respectfully, ensuring a safe and enjoyable experience for all.

Finding new experiences.

Wàwàtesì is developing a series of wayfinding signs to help locals & tourists navigate to the many interesting experiences along the trail.

A living, vibrant translation of Algonquin culture.

Wàwàtesì facilitates the recovery and reclamation of our language in natural spaces with important contemporary significance and deep historical roots.

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Discover more about Kijicho Manito Madaouskarini Algonquin Nation & the Algonquin People.

Made possible through funding provided by the Ontario Ministry of Transportation through their Indigenous Transportation Initiatives Fund & Road Safety Community Partnership Program.

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Special thanks to a growing list of supporters: Town of Bancroft, Hastings County, Township of Limerick, Community Futures Development Corporation, North Hastings Children's Services (NHCS), Bancroft Business Improvement Area (BBIA), Bancroft Ontario Provincial Police, Eastern Ontario Trails Alliance, North Hastings Community Integration Association, North Hastings Community Trust, Indigenous Tourism Ontario, Ascend LPP, North Hastings Community Cupboard, Bancroft Youth Unlimited, McMichael Jewellers, Bancroft Golf Course, Vance Motors.

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